Monday, 20 December 2010

ice-skating in dubai…

i was thinking what should i do yesterday, instead of sitting at home watching movies, cleaning my apartment and doing the laundry, when i suddenly sighted my pair of skating boots peeking out from one of my open boxes. yes, let’s go ice-skating! :)

so i took the 3pm staff bus from my accommodation to the company and from the company, hailed a taxi to take me to hyatt regency. wait, isn’t hyatt regency a hotel, you may ask? hehe… yes it is, but they have a skating rink too. it’s quite near my company, with the taxi fare coming up to only dhs 13 per trip. another reason i chose to come here and not to the bigger rink at dubai mall is that the entrance fee is cheaper at only dhs 35 per session of 2.5 hours, compared to dhs 50 per session of 2 hours at dubai mall. actually there’s another ice rink in dubai, the al nasr leisureland, which charges dhs 20 per session of 2 hours, but that’s quite out of the way.

anyway, i’m glad that i chose to go to hyatt regency, as there were less people, even though the rink is much smaller. what i don’t like is that they have very limited lockers and very expensive too. dhs 10 per locker! we used to pay only RM2 for the lockers in sunway pyramid, and that also, N and i will always share one locker!

also, all the charges at the rinks here are per session, and not per entry like in sunway pyramid. meaning after a set time frame (2-2.5 hours), everyone will be asked to leave. not just leave the ice rink, but to go out from the waiting area as well. and after the ice resurfacing, if you wish to skate some more, u’ll need to pay again to go in.

P1070911 not a very big rink, but not too crowded too!
ok ok, i know i’m not supposed to go ice-skating, due to my bad knee. but i can’t help it! my legs were just itching to feel the ice under my skates, after so long! :P

anyway, i didn’t do any complicated moves, coz i’ve not been skating for so long and need some time to get my “ice legs” back (and i was afraid of falling!). i was quite wobbly at first and even forgot some of the techniques! but after a while, it all came back to me again and i was just flying through the ice!

ok, not really flying lar… :P


tym said...

just dropping by! Happy winter solstice there! and merry xmas! :D

stargal said...

same to you! :)

Biow said...

that looks big to me.. wonder should i learn :P

stargal said...

if u're game for it, go go! :)