Friday, 31 December 2010


recently, a new colleague joined my company. as the office was quite empty when she first came (due to everyone being on leave in this festive season) and she was sitting quite near me, i made friends with her. everyone will feel awkward and self-conscious on their first few days at work, so i kesian her and sort of took her under my wings. and she's so young, so green, tho' a lil over-enthusiastic... but after a couple of weeks, we discovered that she's quite tactless with her words. she's taken to asking us how much we make, how much allowance for this and that we get (even though we're of a different level as her!) and all those confidential things. she also loves to berperang mulut with the guys without giving them face, probably to show how smart she is. she didn't realize that the guys are just being nice and gentlemanly and letting her "win", but of course she can't see that, coz she's too busy being smug! apart from all that, she's also a bit... erm... like how the chinese put it, "talking without digesting her words in her big brain".

(at the hypermart)
tactless tracy: come, let's go buy some snacks
me: ok. i love munching on snacks while watching my drama series at night
tt: me too!
me: but they can be quite fattening
tt: ah, for YOU! (i swear she really stressed that "you" word!) for me, it's ok. i don't get fat
me: *speechless*

tt: *looking at my handbag* you bought that from malaysia?
me: yes
tt: nice. malaysia has a lot of nice fake stuff, huh?
me: *speechless*

first of all, i don't use fake stuff, ok? i'm not a brand conscious person, but i hate using stuff that carries the brand of something that it is not. i'll be very happy using a cheap pasar malam bag if it's nice enough. secondly, the brand of my handbag is not one of the upmarket brands. why would i wanna buy the fake when its original is not even expensive? the only reason i carry that bag is because i thought i ought to, for the purpose of my job. i choose that brand because it's not terribly expensive, but still it's leather and gives a more professional look that (i hope) matches my position. if it were up to me, i'd probably be carrying a bagpack to work!

anyway, i then looked over at her handbag and noticed for the first time that it's a coach. i don't know if it's an original or fake coach, coz i don't know about these stuff, but at that moment, this thought crossed my mind: "her coach is most probably a fake. that is why she thought everyone else is using fakes too!" hehe... bad, i know but at least i didn't blurt it out into her face! :P


Biow said...

coach wor.. i think i'm the only one without coach.. now i know you dun too.. :)

stargal said...

keke... i don't see the logic in paying so much for a brand!

gina said...

Cheh.. Coach ONLY mah... LV is so damn tacky and UGLY if you ask me!

If got money, buy Hermes lah! Haha!

Anyway, I am also like you, I won't buy something which is so expensive - and here is not even Dubai - where crime rate is low.. imagine carrying your branded bags around, sure kena rompak.. ciplak bag also they rompak liao!

When I was in Paris, ppl ask me why didn't I buy LV. I said I've been carrying a very expensive handbag all the time - my camera and gears are worth more than Rm7k - it's even worth more than your tacky, tasteless, bourgeois handbag! Of coz I didn't say that.. I am just too nice. I just nod and smile.

Ignore this idiot at all costs. Not worth your time.

stargal said...

yeah man, i can't understand why so many people are obsessed with LV. anyway, i took a closer look at her "coach" and found that some of the threads are coming out. so means it's a FAKE! bwahahaha...

Anonymous said...

be yourself. Who cares about couch and LV as long as you are happy.

and, stop layan her

Anonymous said...

that earlier comment is from me!!


stargal said...

yeah, stopped layan her already! kekeke...