Wednesday, 13 April 2011

fried tom yum mihun…

first of all, i'm not sure if anyone noticed, but my posts for the past month or so have been without any photos. that was because i've been typing out those posts during my breaks in the office and posting them via e-mails. not sure why, but i can't seem to post directly on blogger from the office. must be some firewall in the server or something kua... and only texts are allowed for postings via e-mail.

ok, now back to the subject of the day...

1. garlic
2. mihun
3. prawns - i found out that i'm not icky when touching raw prawns.
4. kangkong - the only vege i can recognized from all the foreign looking vege at the minimart.
5. button mushrooms - canned ones.
6. tom yum paste - was so excited when i found it at the supermarket the other day.

P1080654don’t look so bad, right? :P

this is my first time trying to cook this, so it was a bit haphazard. and i was afraid of jumping hot oil splashing onto my face/hands/body! but overall, i think it went well. only glitch was that, after frying the mihun for sometime and i was just turning to get a plate to dish it out from the pan, i spotted my washed kangkong still sitting by the sink. oh sh*t! i forgot to put in my vege! so i quickly threw in the kangkong and continued frying for another 2-3 minutes. that explains the slightly burnt look of the mihun, as well as the mihun being no longer longish, but broken into small pieces. hehe...

overall, other than it being slightly dry and the prawns being not entirely fresh (it's frozen prawns that came in a bag), it still tasted ok lar... ok for a first attempt! :P

time taken to prepare the ingredients: 20 min (like i said, a bit haphazard)
time taken to cook the dish: 10 min
time taken to consume the dish: 7 min

if you see the time taken to prepare and to cook, as compared to the time taken to eat it, u'll feel that it's totally not worth the effort, right? but then we have to take into consideration the satisfaction from tasting a nice tom yum dish. so totally worth it! next, i may try making some tom yum soup. so stay tuned! :)


siu~V said...

i love tom yam soup! send me your version of it!!

stargal said...

sly, ok, but i tak pernah cook it! so will be a very cin-cai version! :D

Emily said...

oh yummy! you did well!

stargal said...

thanks, aunty jo! :)