Thursday, 14 April 2011

ocd* up a notch?

yesterday evening, i came home to this note stuck on my door:

P1080657pest controller coming?!

on one hand, it’s a good thing coz it means that it’ll keep my roach problem in check, which by the way, is very well under control now *fingers crossed*. but on the other hand, it’ll mean having these men coming into my apartment when i’m away at work! yes, that’s one thing bad about staying in the staff accommodation. the accommodation supervisor has a copy of your house key and is allowed to come in for maintenance work, pest control etc. not that i mind, really. it’s actually quite convenient, coz then you can get the supervisor to let the internet guy in and breath down his neck when he comes to fix your modem/internet problem and those kind of things. hehe… :P

anyway, back to the note above… what got me worried when i saw the note was that these guys are gonna walk into my apartment with their shoes on! now we can’t have that, can we? so i took down the note, turned it over and scribbled this:

P1080658 a lil note to the pest controller…

i know it looks weird, but what can a girl do, right? and i thought no one would notice anyway, since nearly all the doors have a piece of note stuck to it… but during lunch time in the staff cafe today, a colleague from another department, who lives on the floor above me, came over to recite out loud what i’ve written and was just short of falling dead from shortness of breath due to laughing too hard! malu-nyer! (malay: so embarassing!)

so, tell me my dear readers, is my ocd* getting way out of hand? :P

p/s: if u’re wondering about my personal safety when i’m inside my apart
ment, with the supervisor having a copy of my key (like i know N would surely ask about), fear not. when i’m home, i always stick my key in the keyhole from the inside. that way, no one can stick another key in from the outside to open the door.

*ocd: obsessive compulsive disorder.


KG said... will be way out of hand if

- you had put a bucket of water after the door with another sign that request them to wash their feet and towel dry (with disposal towels of course) before stepping any further.

- included hair nets to prevent any hair and dandruff falling onto your pristine floor.

- disinfectant and disposal latex gloves (with S, M and L sizes, just in case)

- disposable face spewing of any bodily fluids!


Ohhh....did I just give you too much ideas?

stargal said...

actually, i have spared 3 pairs of bedroom slippers (in 2 sizes) for my guests... just hope i dun get to be like what u described there! :P

Biow said...

my mom will leave a wet cloth so that we will "lap" our feet before coming into the house! EVERYDAY.

stargal said...

biow, but she won't do that to visitors and guests, right? hehehe...

gina said...

Haha! Not that bad.. last time, I visited a friend and she had to walk behind me all the time to pick up any hair strand falling on the floor!!! Talk about OCD!

Then, another friend who has to wipe all plates with tissue paper to get rid of the gravy or ketchup BEFORE putting the DIRTY plates to the wash basin. @#$%^%$ And she saw me washing it direct in the sink - use water to splash the tomato sauce into the sink and she screamed! And said - I AM SORRY. BUT I DON'T THINK I CAN EVER LIVE WITH YOU. Hello? You think I want to live with you meh??

Do you think you need to add on a latch to the door, for further security?

stargal said...

hahaha... thanks for sharing your stories. now i know i'm just a mild case! :D