Saturday, 2 April 2011

love struck... us blind!

what reaction should we give to people who can't seem to stop talking about their boyfriends? it's ok if it's anything interesting, but to repeat every word that their bf said to them??? 

an example is this chat i had with my colleague recently:
me: ur new hairstyle is very nice!
naive evie: thanks! i told kk i cut and coloured my hair (note: kk is her VIRTUAL bf of the same nationality as her, virtual meaning never met before, but have been in a r/ship through internet for 8 years)
me: (bored) then?
NE: i told him earlier i'll go cut hair and he agreed 
me: (in my heart) need to ask permission from bf to cut hair meh?
NE: then he said, "wat??? coloured??? what colour?"
NE: i said, "dark pink"
NE: he said, "wat???"
NE: i said, "yes, sorry is baby pink. look cute"
NE: he said, "tell me u're kidding"
me: :)
NE: i said, "i would like to joke, but sorry for this time"
me: haha... (fake laugh, but really dunno what reply i should give)
NE: only 2 months to go, so he's worried (note: she's going to see him in 2 month's time in australia)
NE: if his grandma, mother and sisters see this........

(yawn) not that i'm a sour grape (for not having a bf myself), but i don't think i need to know the whole conversation between you and your boyfriend in its minute detail lar... especially since i don't know you that well, and i don't know your VIRTUAL boyfriend at all!

i know *NE is not showing off, coz she's actually a sweet girl, but sometimes she tends to go on and on and on about her virtual bf, even the most trivial and most ordinary stuff. maybe she's really excited about her bf and has no one to share her excitement/happiness/joy/whatever with, but she must be really blind not to see the fake smiles pasted on our faces or the disinterest written all over our faces during one of her many ramblings. see, even when i didn't really give any response in the chat, she still happily insisted on me knowing what her kk told her. maybe love really can make us blind... or maybe we're just really good actresses?? :D

*a 24 y/o girl, who naively believed all her virtual bf's sweet words and promises of marriage, of not having to work after marriage, of sending her for further studies in a college in australia (even though their supposed marriage will take place right after he graduate and BEFORE he finds a job), of a bed-of-roses married life etc.


Biow said...

alamak.. why got so nice one.. further studies, no work!! woah.. and NEVER met before in EIGHT years?!!!!? ah pek kut?

stargal said...


gina said...

Worse.. maybe he's a pimp...

If 8 months, I can understand lah.. this one 8 years wor... really kah? Is this "friend" for real??

I have a friend also like that - they never met each other. She still claims that she's "seeing" someone. For 3 years.. he promised to come and when the day he was supposed to arrive, he went missing for 3 days with no contact. When contacted, he said, he had fallen VERY ILL. If you ask a 5 year old kid, he or she will know for sure, he's lying!

As if that's not bad enough, when she was hospitalized, he never came to see her.

And yet.. 3 years have passed and she's still delusional that they are an "item".

stargal said...

haiz... some ppl just don't wish to be helped. we can just hope things turn out for the best for them...