Monday, 6 October 2008

august rush: a painfully beautiful movie

actually i saw this movie a couple of months back and fell in love with it. it was a borrowed pirated copy of yw's and have been looking to buy my own copy in all the shops since... but seems like it's not such a popular movie, coz even pasar malam dun sell it!

then saw it in speedy video last week, so i bought it immediately. and watched it again last night... can't get enough if it!

the movie practically oozes with romance in a fairy tale fantasy kinda way, so it's not so logical in real life. but it's really painfully beautiful. and the music! the mix of rock and roll and classical music is simply amazing!

go get a copy of august rush and watch it! and pls support original... it's only RM16.90 in speedy video!

"i believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales"


Takakko said...

Ya..thanks for introducing me to this movie too. Heheh..was wondering dunno if mr dd will like it or not. anyway, will watch with him again. So, pinjam me again ah. :)

Wizard asked Evan, "What is it that you want most from the world?" and Evan replied, "Found".....
This line captured me deeply. :)

Ya...a must watch!

stargal said...

eh takakko, i told u u can keep that copy lar! and yeah, that sentence really very deep and moving hor?