Saturday, 4 October 2008

brand new bento box gift

of late, housemate P has been quite interested in housemate M and my endless chatters on bento... so last week, in the spirit of good housemate-ship and with hopes of converting yet another bento enthusiast, i went and bought for her these 4 basic bento gears...

a 2-tier bento box in the colour of P's choice, a set of utensils,
a pair of bento box band and 1 sheet of insulated bento furoshiki

so far, it's still sitting in a pile on the dining room table, where i left them after taking this pic... hopefully it'll be put to good use when P comes back from her raya break!


Emily said...

That's the spirit! Keep it up!

Takakko said...

Hehe..she did this morning. Yeah!!!!
And we both had our bento together just now. :)

stargal said...

auntyjo, thanks! :)

takakko, yeah!!! so did she enjoyed it? was she as excited abt bento-ing as us?