Thursday, 23 October 2008

updates and such...

*phew* the spa has finally been launched! so now i'm back to the office, but still need to do some follow-up work... with the press, sorting out the event photos, burning CDs, etc etc... on top of my usual work load.
yours truly with the guest usherettes for the launch night...

anyway... i've been doing a lot of post-dated posts lately, if you've not noticed already! i keep starting a post, but did not manage to finish it. or i just upload the photos i want for a post, then just save as drafts until i find the time to finish writing them.

don't seem to have much time for myself lately... and have been missing my orchestra practices! my cello is collecting dust in the corner! *sigh* really need to start attending practices more actively. i've no idea what's going on in my section as well as the rest of the group. YW was telling me that the orchestra is in a bit of mess now... gotta go get myself back into the pack!

on another note, i'll be off to conquer mount kinabalu this weekend! *shudder* i've not been training! just hope i make it back in one piece. flying off to KK tomorrow, starting the climb on sat, summit on sunday morning and back to kl on monday. so if you still dun hear from me by wed or thurs, please call emergency!

oh yeah, found out that my trip to borobudur, which was originaly planned to happen in the next 2 weeks, had to be canceled. so sad... :(

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Emily said...

Hey! I think you lost some weight hoh! from the last time I dropped off something for you!

stargal said...

from the time u did the drop-off, a tiny bit lar. but i've put on a lot of weight since i joined this company! and anyway, u can't really see my 'lemak' from the way i stood... partially hidden by my clgs! hahaha... good tips for photography: stand behind ur friends!

Mona said...

wah..u better dun hor. if can't carry ur oxygen tank, pay the potter. if can't climb to the top, dun force urself, climb to the 1st base enuf. i'm proud of u already. And if certificate no color, i color it for u.

anyway, i'll still standby for emergency. kekekeekk

Biow said...

u din't look burnt out.. u look gorgeous!

stargal said...

mona, thanks! i know u're proud of me just for signing up for the trip, right? hehehe... :P

biow, that's the wonders of make-up! :P

Mona said...

just proud? i'm beyond proud. :)

lucky u come back one piece, sue.