Wednesday, 15 October 2008

bento #18: the one with all the shapes

been dying to try out my onigiri moulds, and also went to buy L size eggs for my egg moulds... but STILL the eggs didn't fill up the moulds! argh!!! anyone know where can i get XL eggs? are eggs in japan really that large?

made an extra set for my intern... 3 pcs of onigiri, 2 pieces of McD chicken nuggets and 1 egg. a bit plain right? had wanted to include some baby carrots, but all my baby carrots had dried up from being in the fridge too long! :P

i think the onigiri turned out really well... so cute!

close-up of the bear-faced egg... this still looked ok, only the ears were a bit flat

but the rabbit really can't do lar. the ears were like chopped off! so ugly!

if you're wondering how come my onigiri looked reddish and
yellowish, here's why. beef and chicken flavoured furikake from isetan!


Emily said...

Maybe you should check the brands of the eggs and compare the sizes!

Those furikake shakers look cutesy! refillable ah?

Emily said...

p.s.: r u going for the readings@seksan on 25th Oct?

pass you the egg mould then? cos am house bound already this week.

stargal said...

emily, *sigh* abt the eggs... yeah, those furikaki shakers are refillable!

25th can't lar. will be climbing mount kinabalu then! it's ok. keep it safe for me until i get back. thanks!