Tuesday, 24 November 2009

more ami students...

2 years back, i tried my hands for the first time at making amigurumi, in the form of N's 2007 birthday present. since then, i've been making stuff here and there, and in the process, sparked the interest of some of my friends to take up the craft. ok, maybe their interest were short-lived, but at least i did teach them to crochet and who knows, they may revisit this interest later on in their lives!

then at beginning of this year, after i made a wrist bag for N, she too begin to take an interest in crocheting... so i helped her to get started, went yarn shopping, showing how the stitches are done, taught her to read patterns, explaining the abbreviations, etc etc... not to mention the numeral impromptu phone tutorials that i had to do while i was out shopping, watching tv, having my meals, working on the computer... hehehe...

anyway, with the year end festive season around the corner, and spurred by the industrious bug that has bit me to hand make gifts for my friends, N too has started on her festive gifts project. hop on over here to see the first in the line of stuff she's planning to make. i'm SUCH a good ami sifu!! :P

as for my own line of gifts, you'll just have to wait till they're finished and shipped off to their respective recipients to see them posted here!

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