Monday, 2 November 2009

Terry Fox Run '09 - post run

dragged myself out of bed bright and early on a sunday morning... after a tiring day the day before, with work in the morning, shopping with N in the afternoon and halloween dinner at night with a bunch of friends. haiz, whole weekend didn't get to sleep-in!

anyway, M, N and i went in one car, and we managed to find our way to the lake gardens without getting lost [with some help from my gps! :)]. but once we arrived, we had some trouble looking for parking space. everywhere was full! even those roadside illegal spaces were full! gggrrrr...

in the end, we had to park right at the opposite end of the lake. but we still managed to get there 5 min before the flag-off (officially at 9am).

however, once we saw the t-shirt booths, we made a bee-line for it without even a glance at the stage, where the final stages of the warming-up exercise was in session.

what can i say? we're true-blue shopaholics!

met up with san and hubby at the t-shirt tents (we made san's hubby go behind the camera for
this pic!). we all pakat (malay for 'made a pact') to come in last year's t-shirts, to save us the
hassle of having to change into this year's t-shirts after buying them. the sun was blazing hot
that we were in no hurry to leave these tents...

it was after we heard the flag-off horn that we (reluctantly) left the cool shades of the tents to make our way to the starting point... that also, at a selamba (malay for 'nonchalant') slow stroll, stopping at the stage to take photos of my company name listed under the auction sponsors list. but then, there were many ppl like us also, strolling along so selamba, like walking at pasar malam! look at the crowd! how to run lar?

after a while, M, san and hubby lagged behind, coz that 2 chatterboxes just can't stop talking!

the participants came in many different shapes and sizes, genders and age...

...on foot, bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, strollers...

...and even push tricycles! any way to propel yourselves forward. what a great event!

then there were the road hoggers... i was quite excited when i saw this team,
but none of them paid my shout of "ice-blended mocha satu!" any attention! :'(

that way! that way! naturally, we took the shortest route of 3.5km.
didn't even considered doing the advanced route (5km)! :P

met a few friends in the throng of people... was hoping to meet auntyjo,
coz wanna pass her something, but didn't spot her in the 'people mountain people sea'.

after the walk run, of course need to replenish all the calories burnt! oh, and we were quite heartened to know that we're not the only participants with lifestyles of a regular slug, coz we overheard this near the beginning of the run: "u think how many kg oredi?" :D

looking so tired... even tho' it's more of a leisurely stroll than a run,
it's mighty tiring still! can't wait to go back to hit the sack!

1) Terry Fox Run 2009

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