Wednesday, 11 November 2009

slow to boil...

*beware. ranting post ahead*

grrrr... i hate it when some nasty person catch me off-guard, because i can never think up a nice good retort until it's too late!

i find that i'm the 'slow to boil' kinda person. whenever someone did or said something nasty to me, i'll be struck so dumb that all i could do is stand there like a dummy! it's only after the moment has passed and i've had a chance to dwell on the things that have just taken place, that i begin to bubble and simmer. then only i'll think up all the nasty retorts, sarcastic replies and biting comments that are sure to make the person run to mommy with his/her tail between the legs... only thing is, it'll be too late! and i'll be left seething and fuming on my own...

one such incident happened just yesterday. there's this big bully of a director at the resort, henceforth refered to as big bad wolf (or bbw for short). generally people steer clear of him due to his infamous reputation for biting ppl's head off, esp when it concerns his department. even so, i'm generally spared from his fangs, because i'm not directly involved in the workings and operations of the resort. or even when i'm involved in one way or another, he'll never show his belang (malay for "stripes" - here to mean "show true colour") in front of me, because i'm from the HQ.

or so i thought.

it was during the beginning of an event at the resort yesterday, and the guests were having their breakfast at the designated area near the beach. some of our staff from KL are also participating, so instead of just standing around, we tried to help out in any way we can.

one clg, sweet suzie, was helping to distribute the plates and utensils to the long queue of participants at the breakfast buffet line when she noticed that the spoons were running low. spotting me standing nearby, she asked me go look for a banquet staff to replenish the spoons. searched high and low, but i can't spot any banquet staff around. it was then that i saw bbw standing at a corner.

stargal: bbw, do you see any banquet staff? i can't find any staff around. we're running out of spoons.
*short pause*
bbw: (in a cold tone of voice) can you please don't make such general statements?
stargal: ???
bbw: we've been bitching abt the lack of staff since day one. in fact, we're working with only trainees now. by right all the staff should be helping to clear the tables...
stargal: *dumbstruck*

i mean, wtf??? aren't i helping by prompting him (bcoz the banqueting comes under him!) that we should replenish the utensils? would he rather we just keep quiet and buat bodoh (malay for "pretend not to notice"), and let the guests complain abt it? or better still, let the press pick up on it! heck, if i know where they keep the spoons, i'd have gone and get them myself!

and why is he bitching this out to ME??? i'm not the one who cut back on his staff! i'm not the one who used up all the spoons! i'm not the one who wanted this event! i'm not the one who'll benefit from the success of this! what, he thinks i get such a kick out of running around like a headless chicken for these events issit???

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Biow said...

aiyo.. why are we so alike.. i also dumbstruck most of the time.. and only much AFTER the confrontation, i can come up with smart aleck retorts.. which is always such a waste!!