Wednesday, 4 November 2009

one of those days...

it's one of those days... where everything just seems to piss you off.

you find the antics of your colleagues, which on normal days are crazily funny and which you'll laugh hysterically over, just plain idiotic.

you feel the things your friend said to you, which on normal days are good points for discussion and which you'll good-naturedly debate over, simply shallow and patronizing.

you receive requests made to you, totally unrelated to you, but which on normal days you'll willing help out and thought nothing of it, with grudge and resentment.

you dwell over the comments and remarks people around you make, which on normal days do not get to you and which you'll just brush off with a shrug, just pure irritating.


haiz... i'm such a cantankerous crank today!


Biow said...

pms? or simply got up at the wrong side of the bed.

stargal said...

most prob pms... hehehe...