Wednesday, 30 December 2009

a city of shared stories - kuala lumpur

san forwarded me a link to 2 stories submitted by her sis in this project... i find it's a great idea! this kl city... with its hustle and bustle, and faceless crowd. everyone has a story or two to tell... every corner holds a special meaning for someone.

so i've submitted 2 stories of my own:
1) a home away from home - just a story written in 5 stolen minutes
2) the journey home - summarized from something i posted in 2005. would love to submit the full post, but we're only allowed 1,600 characters!

please click on 'like' after you've finished reading! hehehe... and for those of you in or have been to kl, go submit your own stories!

oh, and here are san's sister's story:

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