Monday, 5 April 2010

long overdue post: annual dinner & dance '09 in melaka...

the second annual dinner and dance i was invited to was in melaka. this happened in nov last year and their theme was "china town". so the whole night felt like chinese new year had come early! :D

opening gambit by all the heads of department... a 24 seasons drums performance. it was pretty impressive, especially when we found out that they've been taking time out to go to MMU (where they found some students there to teach them) 3 times per week after work for 2 hours practice sessions...

the GM making his entrance as a tai-ko in the old shanghai "the bund" style...

my attire that night... couldn't find any suitable chinese-style clothes, so i dug out this
long forgotten blouse i used to wear a long time ago, coz it has some chinese buttons on it.
but amongst the other guests, i look more like the chinese amah! :(
oh, and the little green umbrella was part of the deco that we "stole" from the wall
(and which i brought home, but only because the purchaser guy told me i could!) :P

table deco, with place-cards! of course, they did not put my name as lar... and no, the beer wasn't part of the deco!

some of the departmental performances. luckily i was just an invitee, so i wasn't required to perform! 
but that also means i wasn't entitled for any lucky draws, coz those were meant for their staff.

performance from another department... i think F&B.
all the guys dressed up as girls and had us all laughing our heads off.

chinese vampires that broke into a dance...

chinese orchestra from MMU, invited as guest performers 
while the judges sum up the marks for the departmental performance.

fooling around with some of the girls... notice the fan i'm holding? that's from the nilai memorial park!
and below the chinese words is the toll free number! and i didn't even know who that fan belonged to...

nearing the end of the dinner, it's time for dancing... but we prefer to play around with their props.
the guy with his beer gut showing and trying to imitate a trishaw puller is actually
the director of operations of another property!

all in all, it was a fun night... even though we the invitees will never win the best-dressed prize (or any other prizes for that matter), it was still fun to dress up in themes...

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Biow said...

everone so game to dress up ya!! so nice.. and yea boy.. u look like ah mah.. u shd plait ur hair or wear a tocang wig.. then complete the ah mah chieh look!

stargal said...

yeah, one thing abt my company is, everyone very game for a good party one. all very sporting! ;)