Thursday, 22 April 2010

total randomness...

some months ago, i had to do some photo-shooting coordination at one of the properties in pd for a few days. as someone who mostly works from an office desk, i'm not used to trotting around in high heels for 3 full days. so after the assignment, i can really feel the effects on my knees. it was PAINFUL!

so other than wearing a knee brace for a few days, i decided that i need to get out of my heels as much as possible, even when i'm sitting down. since then, i've been schlepping around the office in my bright pink woodstock bedroom slippers from my fluffy collection, that always get second glances from guests to our office! :D

i think i bought them from watsons...

they're so comfortable that after my knees are fine, i continued to wear them in the office. even when bossboss commented on it in a slightly sarcastic tone, i just shrugged it off and happily continued tramping around the office in them.

but it's gotten very worn out now... the whole layer of the bottom pvc has nearly all worn off.

time to go shopping!

hehe... actually there's no point to make in this post lar. it's just a random post (see the title!) to put up, so that's that! (^.^)

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Biow said...

wah.. truly worn out man..