Thursday, 24 March 2011

the friendly neighbourhood money lender...

whatever that was said about him, at least he's not stingy. even though he knows that i'm so far away, i just need to type 3 lines on gtalk for him to promptly transfer some money into my m'sian bank account within minutes.

it was an s.o.s. due to some miscalculation, i was short on cash in my regular bank to make the minimum payment for my credit card and after terminating my old postpaid mobile number, i've not had the chance to set up the new prepaid mobile number with my other banks. which means i can't move any cash around to accounts that i've not set up as "favourite accounts", coz they'll send a security code to my phone number and the number registered is still my old number. heck, i can't even log into one of my banks due to this!

anyway, it's nice to know that he's still willing to give me his money so readily, even though we're no longer together. of course, the amount is just a small one. and that's also because i always pay him back promptly, without him having to remind me. once, i owed him RM200 for a few months because i've totally forgotten about it. then one day when i suddenly remembered, i asked if i've repaid him and he said no. when asked why he didn't remind me, he said he thought i'm tight on cash and didn't wanna pressure me. so nice to have such a friendly money lender hor? interest free some more! :P

now who was it who said that money spoils relationship?


Biow said...

heh.. try borrow 4digit sum from this ah long.. see spoil r/s or not.. keke..

stargal said...

don't think i've not! :P