Tuesday, 22 December 2009

crocheted doggie coaster

these past few weeks, i've been industriously making gifts like a busy elf in santa's workshop for a few close friends. the first gift to be given out was a crocheted doggie coaster, to a colleague at the resort. this was originally meant to be a christmas present, but it ended up being a farewell gift! :(

the idea for this coaster came when i saw this on the net. so i thought i'd create some animal coasters of my own! and i'd like to share the patterns with everyone, for free!

since i'm beginning to write up some patterns of my own, i've created a separate blog specially for patterns, which will feature some free crochet patterns, as well as share some of the interesting patterns that i find on the web. sort of like giving back to the crafting community, after getting all those patterns off the net for free! hehehe... so everyone, here's the link: crocheted doggie coaster

you can also find the link to my craft blog at the sidebar. more patterns will be posted up in the coming days, so feel free to drop by once in a while to see what's new. and of course, feedbacks and comments are always welcome! ;)


tym said...

so cute!! where is mine? * Wink Wink*

Biow said...

aiyo.. so comel la..

Jullie Teo said...


stargal said...

hehe... thanks, girls!