Thursday, 24 December 2009

a season of spreading some joy!

just received word that my package to auntyjo has arrived at its destination! so now i can post this up... hehehe...

been meaning to make something for her for the longest time... in fact, i've attempted a few projects, but they all turned out either hideous or weird looking. so did not send them out. now at last, i'm able to put together a little box for her! so happy... and so glad she likes my crocheted hippo coaster! i purposely made this with auntyjo in mind, coz she loves all things purple!

other than the coaster, there's also a scented tea-light candle (not shown in the pic), a foldable shopping carrier for the environment-conscious woman, a handmade cambodian bookmark for the bookworm that she is, and a 'lil amigurumi snowman in a top hat (and a purple scarf! ok, not exactly purple. it's maroon, but close enough :P), in-line with the seasonal theme!

for a free pattern of the purple hippo, hop on over to my craft blog!

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