Tuesday, 8 December 2009

on an overdose of avocados!

last week, i was at the pasar malam (night market) getting dinner when i came across this vendor selling avocados at a steal! 20 avos for Rm5!!! crazy or what?

i straight away bought RM5's worth... it was only after i've arrived home that i stopped to think, "what do i do with 20 avos???" then i vaguely remembered eating tortillas with a kind of green avocado dip but for the life of me couldn't remember what it's called.

so i posted this up on my facebook status: "juz bought a big basketful of avocados at a steal and is wondering what to do with them! any idea anyone?" a mere ten minutes later, taty, a fellow bookcrosser, told me to make guacamole with it. guacamole! that's the word i was looking for! don't you just love facebook? hehe...

anyway, took me a few days to get all the ingredients. in the meantime, i ate a few by itself (just scooped out the creamy flesh with a spoon) and gave a few away to my colleagues in the office. even then, i was left with quite a bagful and was on a tortillas and guacamole diet the entire weekend and yesterday! 5 meals in total!

a healthy, creamy and fatty (natural avocado fat, which is
wholesome!) concoction. don't think the salty tortillas is so healthy, tho'.

anyway, i found out that there are many versions of guacamole, but here's mine.

- 2 ripe avocados
- 1 tomato
- 1 or 2 cloves of shallots
- half a lemon
- chili flakes (from dominos!)
- oregano
- salt

- remove seeds from tomato, and dice it up
- chop up shallots
- cut open avocados, remove the pit and scoop out the flesh with a spoon (see here for a cool way to do it)
- mash up the avocados slightly in a glass/ceramic bowl (not metal, coz we'll be using lime juice and a metal bowl will react to the acid)
- add in tomatoes and shallots, mix everything up, keep mashing
- shake in some oregano, chili flakes and salt, mash some more
- squeeze in lemon and stir everything together
- serve with tortillas

originally i had wanted to put in some cilantro and garlic... but can't find cilantro in cold storage that day and forgot abt the garlic! hehe... still, it was yummy! ;)


Emily said...


Reminder to self: watch out for avocados on my next marketing day!

Biow said...

eh.. melt some gula melaka.. blend together with avocado and milk.. OMG.. heaven.. :D

but 20 for RM5 is too much leh.. here satu biji is SGD1.90!!

stargal said...

emily, yes! and if u come across more interesting recipe for them, share yeah! ;)

biow, wow! even the sound of it is yummy! will try it with my next avocado batch, but aiya, dun have blender in my kitchen! must remember to curi my mom's during my next trip.

and yeah, the cheapest i've seen in the supermarket is satu biji RM1.90!