Tuesday, 20 July 2010

smoothies galore!

have been having a lot of smoothies lately... everyday! and i've been buying many kinds of fruits for my smoothie experiments, but being the only one consuming them, they can go a very long way. and as everyone knows, some fruits perish quite fast, so what do we do? a trick i learnt from the internet is to freeze them! dice them up and store them in individual plastic containers in the fridge. and this way, we don't have to use up the whole fruit (eg. a whole banana) and end up with too thick smoothie. just throw in a few pieces of this fruit and that fruit and we're good to go. also with frozen fruits, we don't need to add in ice-cubes. anyway, here are a few to share...

 kiwi + pear + orange (all fresh): this is quite yummy... but a bit on the sour side. blended with natural yogurt and fresh milk...

dragon fruit + mango (all frozen): yummy! again, blended with natural yogurt and fresh milk...

 banana (frozen) + mango (frozen) + pear (fresh) + orange (fresh): from previous experience, i learnt to use only a few pieces of banana to avoid the banana taste dominating the smoothie. and it worked! here i tried using strawberry flavoured milk... not too bad! quite nice, but i think i used too much milk and not enough fruit pieces, so this is a bit diluted.

dragon fruit (frozen) + mango (frozen) + pear (fresh): ok, i reckon everyone would be bored with the same photo layout for all my smoothies by now, so i've changed it a bit for this... this was before i added in the usual yogurt and milk.

result from the fruit combination above... nice bubble gum colour, huh? yummy too! :)

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