Tuesday, 13 July 2010

moving again - part 2

all tidied up... sorry for the overexposed light from the balcony, but i was just snapping without thinking too much abt it...

ok, all these are old stuff from my previous place. i think the only new thing here is the curtains. as this is a rented place, i don't think i should invest too much. so even though the couch is of such an angry colour (ryuu: the couch scares me. does it bite?), i think i'll live with it for now.

anyway, according to the inner interior designer in ryuu, i need bright yellow or pastel pink curtains to match my couch and rug, while i was leaning towards midnight blue. but ikea doesn't have it in those colours... then i saw this brown one and i could totally see it hanging in my living room! turned out not too bad, right?

other than my living room, my bedroom, bathroom and yard are all tidied up. now i'm only left with the study and kitchen. i'll need to arrange all my books onto my billy bookcase (they're all still in boxes!). should not be too much of a problem... i'll just need to have the right mood to get down to it.

the problem now is my kitchen. as the kitchen does not have built-in cabinets (only a kitchen counter with a doorless bottom), i'm having trouble storing my 2 big boxes worth of kitchen wares. yeah i know i don't cook, but somehow i seem to have so many kitchen stuff! and it being a studio unit, the kitchen is not exactly big... for now, my kitchen stuff are still in the 2 big boxes under the extra table i put there for my rice cooker and water boiler (or whatever you call those things). so whenever i need anything, i'll open up the boxes, rummage through them to get what i need and close it again. and those things that were taken out don't go back in. so i reckoned with time, i'll have taken out enough stuff to be stored away, to finally empty the boxes! hehe... yup, the laziest way to unpack! :P

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Emily said...

shall file away your 'unpacking method' !! for future use!

take it easy, you are almost done!

Biow said...

curtain is nice.. the sofa nice what.. so retro color.. retro is in..

stargal said...

the couch was on sale, and they only have it in this colour... so what the heck!