Tuesday, 13 July 2010

moving again - part 3

love it that (in no particular order):
1. i get the whole place to myself
2. my things stay where i left them, and not get moved about/smashed up/misplaced/thrown away
3. it's peaceful and quiet, without slamming doors or clattering of pots and pans from the kitchen
4. there's no air-headed, messy, sloppy, dirty and shedding (hair) housemates around, who not only don't do their share of cleaning up, but mess up the place even more!
5. i'm free to do whatever i want at home, such as watching movies with the volume turned up super high, sing off-key, have silly conversations with myself, dance naked (not that i do it, but i CAN if i want to!), letting off bodily gas (both top and bottom!) without having to be discreet... erm, too much info? :P
6. i can do my laundry as and when i like it, instead of having to follow a fixed laundry schedule
7. i have my own study!
8. the deco theme is as how i like it (not that there's much of a "theme", but u get what i mean!)
9. my car is parked right in the building, so i don't have to walk across to the next building if i bought a lot of stuff and need to make 2 trips

hate it that (in no particular order):
1. it gets too quiet sometimes without any human presence, that one can get a tad lonely
2. it's me against the world outside... so have to make sure all the windows and doors are secure before retiring for the night
3. i have to bear all the bills alone!
4. there're no kitchen cabinets
5. there's no swimming pool *sob*sob*
6. the bathroom has minimal ventilation and is damp all the time

hmm... not bad, the pro is more than the con. so considered ok lar... :)

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Biow said...

u know what?? that's the sign of getting lao.. start to be "kor tat".. but hey, it's about time to live by yourself man.. enjoy the freedom.. *envy*

stargal said...

hehe... yeah lor, i think so too. a lot of things seem to be getting on my nerves!