Friday, 15 October 2010


i know i mentioned that i've had a long but uneventful flight... but actually it wasn't really THAT uneventful lar. you see, i underestimated the number of boxes that i'd be checking in with my flight, that eventually it came up to 6 boxes and 2 luggages! so that was a lot of excess baggage!! about 80kg in total! luckily i was able to put my "muka kesian" to good use and managed to persuade the thai airways counter guy (the airline i took) to increase the maximum weight per person from 20kg to 30 kg. but that's still 50kg of excess baggage! then he suggested that i hand carry one of my smaller luggages (on top of the 2 i'm already carrying!). ok, no choice, have to hand carry coz even though it's small, it was pretty heavy! in the end, i only had to give up one of the more "unimportant" boxes for the total weight to come up to 60kg. simply perfect! coz with 30kg as the maximum weight allowed, i've only exceeded 30kg, and 30kg is exactly the maximum weight of excess baggage that i'm allocated by the company! oh and by the way, just for the record, excess baggage is charged at RM79/kg from kl to dubai! so the moral of the story is, instead of having to paying for the expensive extra weight, just buy all the stuff in dubai!

hehe... even the counter guy said this is the first time thai airways is checking in so many boxes belonging to only ONE passenger, and with so much excess in weight! i guess i made his day that day! :D

making my lonesome way to the boarding gate... for all the weepy and emo parting photos, go see my facebook!

one thing i'd like to commend about thai airways is that, as the flight was not very full, they were very thoughtful to arrange for lone travelers sit alone. so in my section of the plane, nearly all the rows were occupied by only one person. that way, we can lift up the hand rests and stretch out across 3 seats to get in a more comfortable position. after dinner, you can see the passengers one by one settling down to sleep that way. and we get the use of 3 pillows per row! heck, i even used 2 blankets... the material of which gives us ugly static hair, but it's still worth it! oh, and this is one of the times that i'm glad i'm not a very tall girl, coz i can stretch out fully and still not have my legs dangling out onto the aisle... :P

i managed to catch some sleep on and off that way, and arrived in dubai all groggy and blur at about 9pm. the airport was pretty bz, with long queues at the iris scan and immigration... but after that, everything went pretty smoothly. my dad was very worried as to how i'd be able to handle all those boxes by myself upon arrival, but really, it went better than even i myself expected!

took this pic specially for dad, to show that i managed it alright!

i finally emerged from the airport at about 10.30pm, and was met by the one person welcome committee from my company, mr. w. and boy, once i stepped out from the air-conditioned interiors of the airport, i was hit by the heat right smack in the face! not so much the heat, but i should say the humidity! it's so humid that it's quite suffocating... mr. w very kindly told me to go sit in the taxi, while he saw to my luggages. from the look on his face, i'm guessing his mind went, "wow, that's a LOT of luggage!" but i think he's had enough training in the hospitality industry to comment anything abt it! :P

i found out that i'll be staying in the hotel guest room for the time being, about maybe 10 days, while they prepare my apartment in the staff accommodation. also, the staff accommodation is not within the proximity of the hotel, as opposed to that i thought earlier, and staff staying there get to work via the free shuttle service that runs hourly, 24 hrs a day.

my abode for the next 10 days or so... nice and cozy...

from another angle...

yet another angle... the table with the mirror is where i'm sitting now to type out this post, with their free in-room internet.

wooo... they have booze in the fridge! :P but chargeable, of course...

bathroom is nice too. i love their amenities!

view from my window at 3rd floor... nothing much to look at, actually.

it's been a long day... i asked mr. w what's my schedule like the next day, and he said to just relax, get some rest and then to go see them at the admin office at around 10am after my breakfast. hmm... not very relaxing eh? i was thinking i'd be getting a day off to rest before i go see them! ah well, i guess it's still ok, since i'm already here and it's not that i have other things to do... :)


KG said...

I believe it's time to make use of those lomo cameras out in the bright sunshine! ;)

stargal said...

hmm... but i think i packed it in the sea cargo. so will need at least a month for lomo!

KG said... can always get another one...can't let such minor details get in the way of great photos now can you? :)

Biow said...

how come still hv so many boxes ah? I thot you're shipping as well? *kow tow*.. but again, you're relocating.. lucky your muka kesian works.. *yay*

stargal said...

yes i am. but these boxes are stuff that i'll be using "immediately". shipment will take at least a month! :)