Sunday, 10 October 2010

2 days before departure...

as the date for my departure gets nearer, a lot of people are asking me if i'm excited... surely i'd be buzzing with excitement at the prospect of going off to work and stay in another country.

well, i am! but now, more than excitement, i'm actually in a state of near panic! can anyone believe that i've not even packed my luggages yet??? the moving company is only coming to pick up my stuff for sea cargo tomorrow, and i'm only partially done in packing for those! and other than packing for my flight check-in and sea cargo, i still need to pack up the stuff that i wanna move back to bear hill, give away, donate out as well as throw away... i've already moved back most of the stuff i wanted to keep back to bear hill, but there are still some more stuff that i didn't manage to pack before the lorry man came last wed. so will need to do that as well...

and then i still need to pay a visit to the bank to settle some banking stuff that just can't be settled via phone or online banking, as well as cancelling my phone package plan. oh, and i need to pay a visit to my orthopedic to get extra medicine for my knee condition to last me for a year! can all these be one in one day?? haiz... everything so last minute!!

oh how can one girl have so much stuff??? as it is, my parents nearly had a fainting spell when they saw the number of dvd/vcd i brought home... about 10 of those A4 paper boxes!!! well, to be fair, it's a collection that spanned more than 10 years (since uni days), so that's quite ok what... :P

i guess part of the difficulty in all these packing business is the attachment. we get too attached to the stuff we love and its painful when we need to detach ourselves from them. how simple life would be if we can just pack up our essential stuff into just a knapsack and go? of course, i can't do that as i need to empty out my rented apartment... but on the other hand, i think moving is a good way for us to de-clutter our lives. every time we move, we'll reassess the value of our stuff, stuff we keep thinking that we'll need later on. do i really need this piece of ribbon? is this container with its cracked lid really that indispensable? so a lot of stuff gets tossed out, making room for new stuff! hehe...

but from now on, i'd need to refrain myself from buying so much stuff, seeing that i won't be permanent in sandland. and no one knows more than me how tiring moving is!

ok, ending this post here. sorry if all the sentences and paragraphs are a bit jumbled up and don't have any kind of flow to them. i'm quite stressed out now, even though i'm just gadding about at bear hill doing nothing! so stressed that i've been having difficulty sleeping, with all those things that still need to be done kept playing in my head! :(

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KG said...

Bon Voyage!

Life is impermanent, so go forth, do your best and enjoy yourself. That we spend so much sleepless nights to ponder on now, may look trivial in the future ;)

Oh, and do remember:
- massage,
- tomyam,
- shopping,
while in transit :)

Biow said...

heehee.. i dun believe you will not buy so much stuff in do buy land.. :).. i think my dvd/vcd collection can match yours.. and my books.. *yikes*.. told myself never to buy books again.. then come along 20%.. all hell break loose..

kel said...

Take care & enjoy ur new 'adventures' there :)