Thursday, 21 October 2010

my day...

snacks before i go to bed every night: a mug of hot milo, a pack of rice crackers and half a movie!

it's only been a week i'm here and already i've established some sort of schedule on my working days, which goes along some variations like this:
5-6am-ish - wake up. realized it's still too early and go back to sleep
7.00am - alarm goes off. press snooze!
7.10am - wake up. take bath, morning skin care ritual, make-up (yes, i put on make-up to work now!)
8.00am - traipse downstairs for their buffet breakfast at the restaurant. normally will just have 1 slice of wholemeal bread and 1 bun with honeycomb and a cup of coffee, even though breakfast is aed85 (aed1 = rm0.85) per person!
8.25am - walk down to management office to swipe card before going up to my office
8.30am - morning briefing starts
1.00pm - lunch with my colleagues in the staff canteen. normally some rice with chicken/fish/vege dish
2.00pm - back to work
6.00pm-ish - finish work, go downstairs to swipe card and then dinner in the staff canteen. rice with chicken/fish/vege dish again
7.00pm - back to my room. if prearranged with dad to speak on skype, will skype for 1/2 hour or so. if not, will take bath
8.00pm onwards - do my prayers, go online, blog (if any), skype/msn/fb with friends if any, record down the dirty laundry to be sent out (every other day)
9.30pm - usually bored with internet activities by then. start movie
10.00pm - boil water for milo. have rice crackers, thereafter brush teeth and night time skin care ritual
10.30pm - getting sleepy, stop movie halfway (if it's a new movie) or finish up the previous day's movie, climb into bed, attempt to read a bit
before 11.00pm - zzZZzzZzZzzzz....

as you can see, it's kinda boring, in a way. i reckon it'll change as i get more settled down and when i move to my apartment, which will only happen some time next week. but actually, i kinda like this new schedule... i get lotsa sleep and feel very rested in the morning. so will try to make this sleeping early thing a habit, especially after i've moved to my new place. hehe... we'll see how it goes, ya! ;)


Biow said...

wow.. you really turn into a new leaf.

stargal said...

not turned into new leaf lar... just that there's no place to go and nothing to do. and not having moved to my own place, it's like i'm not really settled down yet!

tym said...

so , now no more panda eyes la! good for you!

stargal said...

eyes still panda lar... this will need a long time to cure! :P

siu~V said...

Hi bear-hill kaki!! good to know u're settling down real well...keep up da blog so i can keep up wif ya!..cheerzz