Friday, 29 October 2010

some random conversations with my GM...

1. at an exclusive ladies' club, where men are prohibited, for some coordination meeting with their director on a project we're involved in together.
gm: so sorry. due to my presence, you'll need to go in using the back door like some criminal.
me: is that a "beware, men present" sign i see?
gm: yes. i feel like some wild animal now. why don't you start screaming when we're halfway in, and see if i get to spend a nice leisurely afternoon at the police station...
me: =_='''

2. discussing about one of the ladies from the club, who's a socialite in the community here.
me: she's like a star. she comes in, says what she wants to say, and leaves. she didn't even shake hands with anyone!
gm: in my next life, i'm gonna be a lady of leisure too... you born rich, you marry rich and you don't have to do anything. what a life!

3. in the car, on the way to a function.
gm: in my next life, i'm gonna be born rich.
me: and what do you want to do in that life?
gm: nothing. when people ask about my occupation, i'm gonna say "son". my dad's gonna be so rich, i won't need to know how i got all that money.

4. in the car, on the way back from the function. there's a bit of a jam and we were trailing behind a lady driver.
gm: look at that, what is she doing???
me: i think she's talking on the phone.
gm: that's obvious, from all those hand gestures *honk*honk*
me: oh, i think she's applying her makeup now.
gm: look at her car swaying in and out like that... why do women do that? please tell me, why??
me: boss, in your next life, you're gonna be a woman and then you'll understand.
gm: look, we just said that i'm gonna be the son to a rich father in my next life. why are you now saying i'm gonna be a woman who drives like that? you trying to punish me or something?


Biow said...

your gm is hillarious.. angmo?

tym said...

hahahah! your GM is darn cool!

stargal said...

biow, yup, angmo. he's always saying things like this.

tym, he is! :D

Emily said...

u re in good hands!