Wednesday, 23 March 2011


last week, i wrote about cantonese-izing my colleagues' names. well, seems like the joke's on me now!

it all started with my gm, a german, greeting us with guten morgen (german: good morning). after a few mornings of guten morgen, i pandai-pandai (malay: trying to be smart) greeted him with guten tag (german: good afternoon) and guten abend (german: good evening), hence opening a floodgate of new german words everyday! thank god we have google translate to look up the words that he shoot at us!

a few days back, he stopped at my work station.
gm: you know, your name is a short form for susan. or in german, we call it "su-za-ne".
me: but that's not my name.
gm: i don't care. from now on, you're su-za-ne from communications.
me: ................
gm: alright, su-za-ne ta-ne? *grin*
me: =_='''


Biow said...

what is ta-ne?

stargal said...

ta-ne is the germanized version of my surname! :D

Biow said...

oic.. keke.. interesting

gina said...

suzane means what worr? i translate also it's suzane.. haha then i think maybe it's in malay - suzane - susah ne? LOL

stargal said...

no meaning lar. just a germanized version of "susan". i think they like to pronounce "ne" if something ends with an "n"? for eg my surname, he pronounced it as "ta-ne" =_='''