Wednesday, 9 March 2011

suspense aje!

*phone ringing
saw that it's the gm's secretary, answered with a frown.
me: (how come she's calling me on the phone when she's sitting just 2 steps away from me?) hello?
gm's sec: hi, gm wants to see u at 2pm later.
me: oh? did he say what's it regarding?
gm's sec: no. he just said to make an appointment with u at 2.
me: (what do i still owe him? i think i've done all the things that he asked me to do. and my work is up-to-date. what could it be? think! think!)

*for the next 2 hours
me: (what did he wanna speak to me about? my job performance? have i not been performing? maybe he wants to speak to me about my immediate superior, the empress dowager? should i tell him what a tyrant she is? what if he wants to fire me? i guess it's ok to go home too... at least my parents would be happy. could this be just part of the company program, to have the gm have one-on-one dialogue sessions with its staff? *brooding*pondering*)

me: boss, u wanted to see me?
gm: yes. u're on facebook a lot, right?
me: (oh shit, he's going to reprimand me for being on facebook all day!) erm... yes.
gm: ok. i just went into the facebook a few days back...
me: (oh shit, he's going to comment that i've not been updating the company facebook often enough!)
gm: ...and i accidentally accepted a friend request from someone without thinking and now i'm regretting it. what should i do so that he doesn't get to see what i post in there?
me: (*phew* apa lar, u asked ur secretary to help u set an appointment with me for this??)

sigh, another bad habit of mine... thinking too much! no wonder i shed so much hair, esp since i came here. 
*note to self: minimize facebook time when in the office, esp when the gm's in!


gina said...

When I see my boss about my performance appraisal - he will tell me, "Ok. The usual lah. If no comment, just sign there"


stargal said...

haha... so syiok geh. but it's my first year here, so need to be cautious lar... :P

Biow said...

woah.. so scarry leh.. i also will scare the shit out of myself.. *worry wart*.. bo pian.

stargal said...

hehehe... we're both so alike, hor? :)