Wednesday, 23 March 2011

most used arabic words...

these are the 2 that i always use here.

sho hada! = what is this?

colleague: eh, you didn't send the file yet?
me: i sent yesterday. did u check your e-mail?
colleague: oh, not yet. hehe...
me: sho hada!

me: do we get public holiday on 1st may?
hr: no
me: but it's international labour day!
hr: sorry, this country don't follow...
me: sho hada!

haram = sinful/forbidden

pervert colleague 1: can i go up to you flat tonight?
me: no
pc 1: why?
me: *said with muka selamba (malay: nonchalantly)* haram *walked away*
*yes, the perverts here are really so bold! esp towards asian girls, coz they have this perception that asian girls are "easy".

pervert colleague 2: how come you refuse to shake hands with me now?
me: cannot
pc 2: why?
me: *muka selamba* haram *walked away*
*i know it's rude not to shake someone's hand when someone stretch out his/her hand, but how many times he wanna shake my hand in a day??? every time he sees me, he'll come up to me, ask how i am while shaking my hand. for 5-6 times a day! not only that, he'll also hold on to my hand while speaking! and u know what he speak to me about? it's all stupid things like "how are you today? good? have u had your lunch? how did u find the lunch today? bla bla bla..." i mean, what the hell???


gina said...

They are just humsup lah.. touch touch! I thought they are not supposed to touch women!

stargal said...

they don't touch their own ppl! just asian girls coz apparently, asian girls are cheap and won't mind their touching! @ssholes!