Friday, 20 May 2011

eating gold in sandland!

i dare say the only fruits grown locally here is the kurma, or dates in english. but we can find all sorts of fruits in the supermarket, even durians! coz they’re all imported. that’s why they cost a bomb.

i was at the minimart last week for some fruits. normally i’ll buy some chinese nectarine or plum, which costs something like dhs12 (rm10) for 4 pieces. that’s rm2.5 per piece! blardy expensive, i know. but i reckon, since i don’t have to pay for my meals most days, it’s ok to spend a bit more on something that i like. and it’s fruits, so it’s good for my health too, right? that’s part of healthy living and also treating myself better.

anyway, since the shops here don’t get their fresh produce everyday, they tend to just display whatever they have until new shipments arrive. even when the fruits are all dried and shriveled up. or worse, rotten with fungus! that was what happened to the batch of plums they had when i went that day. then i saw some persimmons. and i love persimmons! but they’re selling for dhs25.90/kg. blardy expensive. but since there’re no other interesting fruits to buy (they have lots of different apples and oranges, but i dun like those), i chose 4 persimmons anyway, which came up to a total of dhs19 (rm15.83). and i used to buy them at rm5 for 1 longgok (malay: basket) from the pasar malam back home! i kept reminding myself that it’s all part of taking good care of myself and healthy living… hehe…


luckily they’re fresh, sweet and without pits. and i took a very long time savouring my expensive as gold persimmons, taking one small bite at a time!


Biow said...

*yum* i love persimmons too.

gina said...

Gold indeed! I love persimmons too! Eh? No avocado?

stargal said...

gina, we have lots of avocados here, but i seldom take avos now, coz i read in the diet according to blood type thing, ppl of my blood type should not take avos. which is quite true, coz i noticed that i tend to have bloated stomach when i take avos, and also very gassy! :D