Wednesday, 18 May 2011

sweet potato dessert…

this is something i cooked last weekend. saw some sweet potatoes at carrefour last week, which made me crave for some fan shu tong-sui (cantonese: sweet potato dessert). so i bought a smallish sized one and a small ginger, determined that i’m gonna have some that very weekend! 

P1080756 doesn’t look very appetizing, eh?

but then when i was skinning the sweet potatoes, i discovered that the flesh is white in colour! eh?! i thought it’s supposed to be reddish-orangey in colour? i panicked for a bit, but then they still smelt like sweet potatoes. so what the heck, i still threw them all into my rice cooker, together with some sliced ginger.

while it was cooking, i chatted with my parents in our weekly skype sessions. so i mentioned to my mom about the white fleshed sweet potatoes. she said that there are a lot of types of sweet potatoes. white, orangey, purple etc. but most people would use the orangey one for dessert, coz they’re sweeter. *phew* so i’m still on the right track, even though it won’t be so sweet.

verdict: tasted like the regular fan shu tong-sui, but not very sweet. and it’s rather too spicy, coz i sliced up the whole ginger to be cooked together with the sweet potatoes. still, it’s sedap (malay: delicious)! :P


Biow said...

have you tried orangey one to cookk porridge? Aigoo.. that's my comfort food.

stargal said...

oh? just add in the sweet potatoes and cook as per normal plain porridge?

Life for Beginners said...

Oh, I'm with Biow on adding sweet potatoes with porridge... adds an interesting twist in terms of flavour and texture to it.

And yes, this is a very simple and comforting tong-sui. Sedap, indeed! :)

stargal said...

first of all, thanks for dropping by, life for beginners! :)

ok, will give it a try, if i can find any orange-fleshed sweet potatoes the next time i go shopping.