Friday, 6 May 2011

of gardeners, bathrooms and fugitives…

i ran into the shed and saw a group of men (about 3 or 4 of them) surrounded by also 3 or 4 of my school friends. the men were the school gardeners and my friends were trying to cover these men’s faces with some plastic sheet thingy. i quickly grabbed the big can of herbicide and sprayed it onto the men. after being exposed to the herbicide, these men staggered out of the shed and into another adjoining shed that houses all the gardening tools. there, they collapsed and there were blood everywhere! my friends and i hurriedly close the door to the shed the gardeners are in and ran away, hoping that no one would this door for a very long time.

then we went in search of a bathroom, because all of us stank of herbicide. we even brought along our towels, coz we really wanted to have a bath. there were students everywhere, so we tried our best to act normal. but we were unable to find a bathroom where we could wash off the herbicide from ourselves. some of the toilets do not have bathrooms and those that have bathrooms were out of service. we were just running about the whole school for the longest time, searching high and low for a place to clean ourselves. then we finally found one with a functioning bathroom, so we quickly ran to it, at the same time trying not to give away what we have done.

after taking our bath, we decided to run away. so we left the school compound and was walking towards the road when we saw a stall by the roadside. one of my friends wanted to buy something to eat, so all of us stopped to wait for her. and while waiting, we decided to order some teh tarik. but then, a police car stopped by the stall. another friend told us to stay calm, but my heart was beating very fast. we tried to talk and joke with each other, to appear like normal school girls.

then we heard a very loud siren… that sounded very much like my alarm clock.


good grief! what a tiring dream! the only day i’m been able to have uninterrupted sleep till morning, and i have to dream of such thing. these past 2 weeks or so, i’ve been waking up at about 6am every dem working day, when my alarm is set at 7.20am! sometimes i’m able to go back to sleep but other days, i’d be tossing and turning for more than 1 hour, hoping to find that elusive thing called sleep.

haiz, such a torture. when i told sweet sheila, she immediately did a search on the internet on the meaning of dreams, and came up with a verdict: i’m too stressed out. coz according to a chinese site on dreams interpretation, when we dream of killing people, it means we’ve been very pressured.

i guess it’s quite true. i’ve been under some work pressure lately. and like my previous work-related stress, it’s been disrupting my sleep almost daily!

anyway, even after i’ve woken up, i was still slightly disturbed by what my friends (who didn’t look like any of my real life friends) and i have done. i was like in a daze over what happened, as i went about brushing my teeth and taking my bath. it felt so real and i was a little afraid of myself! *stress giler*


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