Tuesday, 10 May 2011

see what i bought!

been craving for claypot chicken rice for the longest time now. so when i saw this at daiso today, i thought maybe i should try cooking my own. and it’s not really expensive at all, only 9 dhs (abt rm7.50).

P1080764don’t you just love the japanese design on the cover? :P


so i’m one step closer to my claypot chicken rice, with salted fish! now to search for a simple recipe that i can manage. i think the hardest ingredient to find would be salted fish. i mean, i’ve seen salted fish being sold in the minimarts here, but they’re mostly from india. not that i’m practicing racial discrimination, but i don’t think i’d wanna put something from the waters of india into my mouth…

and hope my cheap claypot would not crack when used on my electric stove!


Biow said...

dunno how true.. the aunty who sold me my claypot told me to soak with rice water (the water that you use to wash rice) overnight.. then wun cracked.. i did that.. mine still ok..

i cooked over gas fire though.

DAISO!! my favorite store :) you will not want to know how much I can spend in there.. *sigh*.. over here it's sgd2 per item.

stargal said...

ok, thanks for the tips. gonna try it... according to the instructions, as long as we dun bake the empty pot it over the fire (means must have something inside, then only put it over the fire lar) then it's ok.

hahaha... i know! can go crazy in there! it's 7 dhs for most items here.

gina said...

KL's Daiso, everything Rm5.

Anyway, will check with mom on her chicken rice. She used rice cooker and they taste awesome!

stargal said...

yeah i know. i'm a big fan of daiso and 100 yen shop in kl too! ok, wait for your recipe then. thanks! ;)